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To Write, Or Not To Write: The Beginning of My Book Journey

I wrote this as an announcement on my mobile app on July 15, 2021. So neat reading this today and sharing it with you all now post book production! - Today - November 2, 2022

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Hello beloved friends,

Together we have the privilege to serve a mighty God! I’m so excited to share with you the start of my journey in following God’s direction in writing. For many years, I have been talking about my dream to write and have a major impact for God’s Kingdom in ministry - specifically to wives, mothers and daughters. As I began dedicating this dream to prayer, I heard clarity from the Lord in a way I hadn’t before. If I could say I heard him audibly, I’d tell you he said, “Mandy, Are you going to keep praying about writing, or are you going to start writing?” That is truly what I heard him speak in my heart. Further, I questioned what impact I could have, there are so many writers already, who needs another one, it’s all been written, will I be criticized for my radical beliefs in God, will I lose friends, will my family be supportive - or embarrassed? I wrestled with doubt and uncertainty. Who am I to say that God spoke to me? I’m not so special. Then I heard him again, clear as day, “Enough. You are my child. You know my voice. It is time to obey me.”

After that, I let all my inhibitions go. This wasn’t just a dream in my head; this was, and is, a call to obedience to my King. I can’t tell you where this road will lead. I have dreams and visions, but the Lord will determine my steps and lay the path before me. I do know that He is on mission to save His people, and I want in on His mission work. I have many women in faith who I dearly admire and follow for inspiration and guidance who have walked the road and paved the way before me. It is my sincerest desire that through my writings, you will find comfort, validation, peace, humor, healing, and strength. I have been given far more blessings from the Lord than I deserve, to say the least. It is my desire to pour out all the blessing he has given, that you may be blessed, inspired, fueled and motivated to hear his call in your life, and be empowered to embrace it with clear obedience, and steadfast perseverance to overcome in trials.

I am raw, real, sometimes loud and obnoxious, and blunt to a fault. I am also filled with compassion, humility, grace and forgiveness. I am a sinner - flawed, made perfect by the blood of Jesus. I have never experienced hunger or need for survival, but I have writhed in heartache, betrayal and trauma. I wear my heart on my sleeve. My soul loves “my people” with a fierce, protective love that withstands through fire - and this has been proven! Ultimately, I am no different than you - flawed and imperfect, yet made perfect in Christ Jesus. I invite you to follow me on this journey, and join me in filling the harvest, for the workers are few. There is so much more to life than your work, your routine, your comfort zone, or even your problems. There is a mighty God handing you a unique mission and purpose for your life. Don’t you want to know what it is? Don’t you want to shake life up a bit, find greater purpose? I know that you know it’s there. There is a God-sized hole in all of us that only He can fill. Nothing this world has to offer can give the complete fulfillment only Jesus can bring.

Matthew 21 tells of When Jesus was hungry, he walked over to a fig tree on the side of the road. Upon approaching the fig tree, he saw it bore no fruit. So he cursed it and told it never to bear fruit again! *BTW how awesome is it our Savior can tell a tree what to do! Right?!* Immediately the tree withered, and the disciples were amazed. *I just have to insert this here, when you read the scriptures, are you thinking what I’m thinking? Why are they constantly utterly amazed that Jesus is performing miracles and commanding the trees, the wind and the waves? Yet sadly, we act like we are surprised when God comes through for us still.* And here’s the best part - He tells them, “If you have faith, and do not doubt, not only can you do what I did to this fig tree, but you can say to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea, and it will be done.‘”

Sisters, here is what I propose. I propose we band together across enemy lines (spiritual warfare), and bind all our husbands, children, extended families, and friends to the sweet salvation of Jesus. United in prayer we can say to the mountains of fear, doubt, and unbelief to “Go! Throw yourself into the sea!“ Commit to praying over one name every day for one month. Pray without ceasing. Pray like you are fighting for their life, because indeed you are doing just that. Pray boldly before the throne to the God who provides miracles. I don’t know how or why he chooses to say, “Yes, no, or wait,” but I do know that our God is sovereign, and in our human minds we cannot conceive the ways of God. I do know that asking you to pray with fierce, radical faith - knowing the outcome may not end well for us all on earth - may seem crazy, incompetent, or well, radical. He told us in His word, “Whoever loses his life for me, saves it.“ Furthermore, he tells us, “Anyone who wants to be my disciple must pick up his cross and follow me.” The apostle Paul wrote in Romans, “For to me to live is Christ. To die is gain.”

Pick up your cross. Walk on water. Forgive. Receive healing. Be in constant prayerful communication with Jesus, keeping your eyes fixed upon Him! Say “YES,” to His calling!

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