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Wonder Woman Jesus Chic

~The story behind how I picked the name~

As I began praying and brainstorming about transitioning into ministry with speaking and writing, the idea of this “Wonder Woman Jesus Chic” came to me. It was generated out of my deep passion and desire to take what we know about Christ and fuel our knowledge into action. I had the privilege of growing up in the Church and studying the Word of God since as young as I can remember, but I had never felt the passion behind it.

I feel so many Christians experience this “Christian walk” that looks more like showing up on Sunday morning, and living like a non-Christian Monday through Saturday until the next Sunday comes around. Most of us, truly whether you are Christian or not, can probably recite a lot of the stories in the Bible.

Throughout my life I have decided to dig deeper into really knowing Christ for myself outside of just the Sunday morning routine.

I wanted to experience Him and really know Him.

As I have experienced trials throughout life, I have found that everywhere I have tried to turn other than Christ led me down a road that was never fulfilling. In fact, every road I have taken outside of Christ has been very depleting. Recognizing who we are in Christ and believing our identity is in Him gives our lives meaning and purpose far greater than we can surmise on our own.

I can’t speak to DC Comics, nor am I here to do so. But I am here to speak about the power and strength we bear with the Holy Spirit of the living God inside of us. The same idea is true for us. Once we recognize the love behind the sacrifice of our savior, we are fueled to own the power and strength of the armor we bear in Jesus.

Who is she?

She is a daughter forgiven,

Holy Spirit breathin’,

Mountain Movin’,

Faith Shakin’,

Jesus Believin’,

People Lovin’,

Prayer Warrior on

Fire for Heaven!

Living this way makes Christianity far from boring!

This is passionate, mountain moving faith!

It is my hope that when you wear this “WWJC” tee, you will smile when you pass someone else wearing it too – because you will know you’re on the same team for eternity! You will be in the company of another prayer warrior woman who has also decided to own the power and strength she holds in Jesus’ name. Let’s storm the gates of Heaven with all our friends and family by the power of prayer together.

Join me and sport your inner Wonder Woman Jesus Chic!

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