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The Devil Messed With the Wrong Girl

My first book just released in October, 2022! In it, I share the story of trials my husband and I went through with his addiction, my fairytale view of what a marriage should be, and how God restored us from ashes to beauty.


Wonder Women Jesus Chic Movement

My next book project is in the works! In it, I will share how you can grasp the power of the Holy Spirit that lives within you so that you can step into the "wonder woman" that you already are. Our tools have no strength if we do not know how to use them, nor do they have power if we do not believe in the power they possess.


Speaking Engagements

We had a fabulous time at Cornerstone Church Bluffton for our fall women's event on September 17, 2022 where I had the honor to speak on The Art of Humble Submission to God.

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