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Sound of Freedom

It’s Independence Day:

Sound of Freedom

Let us not be bystanders.

Let us be a part of the solution.

(photo rights to Angel Studios)

Hi Friends,

It’s been quite a while. Partly because life has just been busy and I needed a break, but also because I haven’t been particularly inspired to sit and write, until now.

Tonight, I am inspired and compelled to write.

My husband and I went to see “Sound of Freedom” tonight. Angel Studios tells the story of two children from Honduras who get caught in the human trafficking ring and Jim Caviezel plays the role of the US federal agent who works to arrest pedophiles. Throughout the plot, it shares of Jim’s character, Tim Ballard, who in the true story is the man that went on a rescue mission deep in the Colombian jungle to save these children, along with many others.

I knew before going to see the movie that it would be close to my heart and that it would bring me back to the time when I was counseling at the children's rape crisis center where I saw 18+ clients each week dealing with emotional, physical or sexual abuse trauma. It was my favorite job as I got to help people come from the most broken place to a place of healing and hope. Where life had been taken from them, I got to be part of the process of breathing life back into them.

Together, we can all be a voice to give them hope. Together, we can stand united and speak out to create awareness and speak against human trafficking.

The sad truth is most people don’t want to hear about it. Even when they hear of it, they don’t want to do anything about it or hear any more because it’s too painful to bear to hear it.

Are the stories gruesome and horrific? Of course they are! If I may be so bold, I don’t have any tolerance for those who don’t want to hear it. Our culture glorifies horror in cinematic films that people flock to – to be shocked, to be given a thrill, to be mystified – even to watch horrific, gory battle scenes or the most insanely sick murder films. And yet, when the reality – the truth of human trafficking is put out for us to face, we turn a blind eye because “it is too painful.”

Well, it’s time to face the reality – to face the pain it takes to accept that it’s happening. The truth is, whether you want to hear it or not, it’s happening every single day. Many of you may think these things are just happening in foreign countries or major cities in the U.S. Sadly, it is happening everywhere, likely in every city. Human trafficking is a crime, and it is happening to more and more children every day.

I may be too bold for my own good sometimes, but it is more maddening to allow this to continue than it is to face it. I am just one person in a very small town, but my voice matters. I don’t know who you are, where you live, or what status you hold in society – but your voice matters. And when all of us come together, we can take a stand against human trafficking together.

A few years back, my pastor at my church told me about Christine Caine. I began to look her up on google and started watching her preaching videos on YouTube. I checked out her website and saw the organizations that she has begun. She started A21, a campaign to help end human trafficking! I couldn’t believe it. I thought I was crazy – that I had this dream to end sex-trafficking and had no clue what to do about it. Then my pastor tells me to look up this woman who has already begun an organization in efforts for this mission. I was enthralled. I love her heart for the Lord and her zeal for justice. She truly has her “boots on the ground,” in doing the work for God’s kingdom.

“Sound of Freedom” speaks to this same mission in working to end human trafficking. This film gives a voice to the children in the story – and their story gives a voice to all the children out there who are currently being trafficked. It’s one thing to hear about it. Perhaps my post is the first time you’ve ever spent this much time hearing about it. I happen to have had the honor of hearing firsthand story after story of lives who have been affected by sexual assault just right here "in my own backyard" in Beaufort County, South Carolina.

I have some crazy dreams of just showing up to the Cartel and telling them, “You’re bad behavior is over!” And thankfully I’m a bit smart enough to know that may not end well in my favor, but nonetheless, my dream remains. Thanks to the efforts of Christine Caine with A21, Angel Studios with the recent release of “Sound of Freedom,” Tim Tebow and I’m sure many others, I know that I am not alone in my passion for this mission. Whether you profess to have faith in God or not, most of you reading this most likely have a heart that you too would agree in this mission – that no child deserves to be trafficked or abused in any way.

So, aside from just hearing it here, or seeing the movie, what will you do with this information? Will you hear it, and shy away from it because it is too painful? Or will you share this information to create awareness, attend a Walk for Freedom to stand up with survivors of abuse to let them know they are not alone, and to stand up for the freedom of those not yet freed? Will you bravely share the story of these brave children so that more may be saved?

The father in the movie asks Caviezel’s character a life changing question, “Can you imagine if your child’s bed was empty when you came home at night? What if it was your child’s bed that was empty? What would you do?”

My daughter is about the age of the young boy in the movie. I thought about her throughout the entire movie. If it had been my daughter, I would have probably been killed because I would go to the ends of the earth to find her. I cannot even imagine. However, though my daughter is currently safe with me, there are countless children out there who are not safely home tonight. We have a responsibility to them and their families too.

Will you stand with them alongside me? Here’s how you can help:

  • Share this blog post to make the awareness viral.

  • Go see the movie, share “Sound of Freedom” movie trailer on your social media platforms and pay it forward by giving free tickets for others to go and see the movie.

  • This Independence Day, I am going to dedicate 50% of the proceeds of my book sales to #payitforward for Sound of Freedom at Angel Studios. You can get my book by clicking here below:

Let’s celebrate this Independence Day by spreading awareness for Freedom for them. God’s children are NOT for sale!

I will dedicate 50% of book sales 7/4/23 – 7/8/23!

  • I am planning to host one of Chris Caine’s A21 Freedom Walks here in Bluffton this October, 2023 ! If you are interested in joining the walk, please comment on this blog or email me at to let me know and I can send you further details! Or go to and find a walk in a city near you!

It’s easy to be discouraged and feel like there is nothing we can do. But together, we can make a difference. One at a time, we can make a change – to create a ripple effect of freedom for generations to come.

Let's bring them the Sound of Freedom!

Pray Psalm 18:1-2 over the children:

I love you, Lord, my strength. Lord Jesus, be their rock, their fortress and their deliverer;

God be their rock, in whom they take refuge,

their shield and the horn of their salvation, their stronghold.

Heavenly Father,

We believe for their deliverance. We believe for their freedom. We ask for the miracle of human trafficking to end. We ask for your provision and grace over the efforts to bring them all to safety. Come, Lord Jesus, come. Protect their hearts and minds from the depravity of those who seek to hurt them. Be their shield and their strength Lord. Father, we lift them into your hands and we trust in your Sovereignty.

In the precious name of Jesus we lift them up to you.


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