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Every Step Matters.

Things that don't happen overnight:

  1. A house becoming a home

  2. A marriage falling apart

  3. A broken marriage finding restoration

  4. A dream coming true

Things that DO happen overnight:

  1. Step by step moving forward

  2. Drawing near to Jesus

  3. Choosing kindness

  4. Choosing courage and positivity

Some days we don't want to get out of bed or open the blinds.

Some days we jump out of bed and welcome the sunshine.

Some days we argue and fight with our spouse, kids, co-workers or friends.

Some days we laugh, smile, share and spread kindness and love.

Some days we feel gloomy, bored, not motivated, and refuse to "adult."

Some days we are more joyful, inspired, and we just go with the day expecting great things.

What makes these days different?

What changes can we make to have more of the sunny, smiley, joyful days?

As a professional counselor and as a believer in Jesus Christ, I firmly believe we get to choose how we live each day. We can choose to wake up and give our day, our heart, our mind, our soul - our attitude - our dreams - our goals - our "to-do" lists - our everything to God before our feet even hit the floor.

We can choose kindness, courage and positivity.

We can choose to show love and to take joy in all things - yes, even the painful things - even to those who have hurt us.

Don't go away just yet. Showing love and taking joy in painful circumstances with painful people does NOT mean becoming a doormat or giving up. It means you choose to live as Jesus did - by example, not by force.

Unconditional love is exactly that - without conditions.

Unconditional love doesn't love because it's fair or because life is great.

Unconditional love gives selflessly - with the other person's interest at heart.

In the same way, we can choose unconditional joy - taking joy regardless of the condition of our circumstances - because you are not alone. There are countless others reading this post just like you - because perhaps they feel the same way you do. There are millions around the world, with their blinds closed, blocking out the sun and blocking out people - because deep down someone made them feel unworthy, unwanted, and discounted.

My friends, you are not alone in your pain. God is with you always. And millions around the world sit in the same emotion you are feeling or that you have felt. The only thing that changes in a day is the choices we make with each step we take.

Your next step matters more than you know. Choose to fill your steps with positivity...

I know it's not easy, but remember today - is just ONE step. Tomorrow another, the next day another, and eventually - this will be your new walk, your new talk -

and eventually - it will be:

*your house a home

*your marriage restored

*your dream coming true

One step at a time.

Be blessed sweet friends!

Your sister in Christ,


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